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stove pipe through metal roof
does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes a stovepipe cap or flashing to allow either a six or eight foot stack to go through a ribbed metal roof? I have a cabin that I'm looking to send a stove pipe through the roof and I would rather buy something than spend time trying to make something myself.
stuart s
Imeant to say six or eight inch stack, not foot.
First you should be aware that having the pipe penetrate on the lower roof is more critcal than the upper portion with the addistional volume of water and snow that will be comming at it. You also need to check the code to ensure you have it high enough to meet code clearances to ensure that it works properly which may require a brace back into the roof.

Assuming you are have a vertical rib sheet steel, you can use a standard metal flashing with a large base sheet bhowever you shoud go to the manufacturer of the product and get their recommendations. There is a high heat rubber flexible flashing that slides over the stack and moulds to the roof then attached with screws called Master Flash which is available in many sizes. It is not cheap but it is user friendly and simple. Typically these products are distributed through screw suppliers for metal roofing. Good Luck.
What should be the size of opening in the metal roof panel if chimney spec calls for 2" clearing to combustibles ? Say the chimney size is 8" and spec say 2" clearing to combustible. Roof is not combustible but it conducts heat. What size opening should one make in roof panel ? Thanks,



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