MRA Investment Grade Roofing® Quality Contractor Program
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The Metal Roofing Alliance has developed a new program to assist consumers in their selection of a residential metal roofing contractor. The Quality Contractor Program is an informational resource of metal roofing contractors that have agreed to meet certain requirements relating to their services, installation materials and business practices. These requirements are meant to provide you with confidence in your choice of a metal roofing contractor. Beginning in early 2013, when you Find A Contractor, you'll have the option of narrowing your search to only contractors that participate in this program. Additional information about the program will be available on this page at the time.

For a list of requirements that Contractors must meet, click here.

  • Maintains state/local license (if applicable)
  • Maintains workers' compensation insurance coverage required under applicable state law
  • Maintains general liability insurance of at least $1 million
  • Installs metal roofing products that meet or exceed MCA's Guide Specification for Residential Metal Roofing in all residential installations, unless otherwise directed by the consumer*
  • Key employee (CEO/installation supervisor) has a minimum of 3 years of experience in metal roofing installation or otherwise demonstrates knowledge, experience and skill in metal roofing installation and work on at least 5 metal roofing installation
  • Provides employee safety training that meets OSHA requirements
  • Has in-place a skills and installation training program for employees to understand the basics of roofing details and flashing concepts
  • Provides refresher training to its employees at least every three (3) years
  • Employs crew member or supervisor at every job who has completed basic training and is knowledgeable in the installation of the product being installed;
  • Maintains a place of business with the necessary equipment to properly install and service metal roofing;
  • Provides consumers with a written contract for all work performed;
  • Agrees to perform all work in accordance with accepted industry practices; and
  • Agrees to promptly respond to any consumer complaints.

*A key provision of the Investment Grade Roofing Quality Contractor Program is the requirement that they promote and use products that meet or exceed the requirements of the "Guide Specification for Residential Metal Roofing" as developed by the Metal Construction Association.

Why does this matter? Should I care as a homeowner?

The simple answer is YES you should care. The stated requirements determine the longevity of the basic roofing material as well as the coating that is used. There are two main requirements:

  • The amount of metallic coating that is applied to the basic steel to prevent rust when making the substrate. A greater amount of galvanizing (zinc) or Galvalume (zinc + aluminum) will protect against rust of the roof material longer. A designation of G-90 for galvanized coatings and AZ-50 for Galvalume coatings that are painted is required. (A higher number means more protection against rust.) Aluminum, copper or zinc does not require a separate metallic coating layer.
  • The quality of the paint system which is applied to the finished roofing product, whether steel or aluminum. There are two acceptable paint system quality designations- Standard™ and Premium™. Paint systems meeting both designations will perform well. However, in high Ultra Violet exposure areas the superior coatings will protect against chalking and fading better. These paint designations have been determined through actual field testing over an extensive period in the harsh South Florida environment.

MRA urges consumers to exercise care in selecting any contractor, including checking contractor references and looking at installations completed by contractors in your area. Finding a qualified metal roofing contractor is an important decision, and we believe that the best place to start is by selecting a "Quality Contractor."

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