Types of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing is available in a variety of materials. These metals bring a combination of strength, flexibility, and longevity that will compliment any home.

Vertical Seam Panels

Thru-fastened panels are long-length panels that have ribs running from the eave to the ridge of the roof. These panels are fastened with gasketed screws that penetrate the panel into the roof decking substrate. Typical of this type of roofing is 5-V, which is used extensively in the Southeastern U.S. Many mountain homes and cabins also use thru-fastened panels very successfully.

Residential standing seam panels with an attachment flange hidden by the next panel are growing in popularity throughout the country. The fact that the attachment point is covered by the adjacent panel makes for a very clean looking installation and protects against weather.These panels are steel, aluminum, copper, zinc or terne metal.

On longer length standing seam panels (over 20 feet) hidden moveable clips are attached to the roof deck and the seam of the roof panel. This arrangement allows for movement of the panel due to thermal expansion and contraction of the roof panel during the day and night.

Modular Press-formed panels-prepainted

Modular Press-formed prepainted panels are painted interlocking panels with standard dimensions and shapes and are growing in popularity for residential applications. They may be steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, or terne metal. These panels may resemble wood shake, tile, slate or shingles.

The roof panels are attached with hidden fasteners directly to the roof deck in most applications. They are usually 4-way interlocking to provide exceptional wind up-lift resistance.

Modular Press-formed Granular Coated

Modular Press-formed granular coated are standard dimension panels that are either thru-fastened or attached with hidden fasteners and coated with an acrylic coating with embedded stone granules on the surface. Shake, tile, and shingle shapes are all made out of 26 gauge steel. The panels may be installed over a batten/counter batten wood grid system or directly to the roof deck.

To view examples of different types of metal roofing check out the Product Gallery.

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