Know Your Metal Roofing Options


You may have heard that metal roofs last for decades, that they are weather resistant, easy to install and energy efficient . . . but did you know that a quality metal roof can come in just about any style or color imaginable?

It's true! Although metal roofing is still considered a progressive building material, MRA member manufacturers have been quick to produce and refine a stunning visual array of form-fitting tile and panel roofing systems.

Know Your Metal Roofing Options:

Metal Shingle Slate

Metal Shingle/Slate

Weathertight with a distinctive look, metal shingle gives a classic uniform slate presentation while allowing for easier installation. More...

Metal Tile

Metal Tile

Durable and available in a number of elegant tones, metal tile offers design flexibility with its longlasting beauty. More...

Metal Shake

Metal Shake

Wood textured but fire-resistant, metal shake roofing is a lightweight design ready for installation on an existing asphalt roof. More...

Vertical Panel

Vertical Panel

Possibly the most popular metal roofing on the market, vertical panel is a durable, economical choice available in just about any color. More...

Still not sure which style suits your project? Visit our gallery for more images and perspectives from the top North American MRA Member Manufacturers . . . or contact your local MRA Member Contractor today for more information about the best metal roofing options for your geographic region.

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