Lower Your Insurance with Weather-Resistant Metal Roofing

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather from time to time, be it hail, heavy wind or forest and canyon fire, you should be aware of the availability of impact-resistant UL Standard 2218 tested metal roofing (classes 1 through 4) and fire-resistant Class A, B and C metal roofing. While important for the safety and security reasons alone, these quality metal roofing products may also earn you discounts on your homeowner's insurance!

UL 2218 Discounts Available:

Although all insurance packages may vary, many homeowners' insurance agencies allow discounts for homeowners with specific weather-resistant metal roofing products.

This photo, taken after the 1991 Oakland, California firestorm shows the devastating damage to a neighborhood.  Burning embers destroyed all of the homes in the neighborhood, except the masonry home that was roofed with Stone-Coated Steel Roofing.  While all of the neighbors fought (without success) to save their homes by watering down their asphalt roofs, burning embers could not ignite the steel roof. This house with the steel roof survived while all others around it were destroyed.

Be sure to contact your insurance agency request information on available discounts. In some areas of the United States, we have heard of discounts of 30% or more!

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More Savings Opportunities!

Homes upgraded with quality metal roofing typically see costs recouped at more than three quarters of the job cost!

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Did you know that metal roofing can save you up to 40% on your annual energy costs?

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