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What is the Quality Contractor Program?

The Metal Roofing Alliance has developed a new program to assist consumers in their selection of a residential metal roofing contractor. The program, called the Quality Contractor Program, is an informational resource of metal roofing contractors that have agreed to meet certain standards and requirements relating to their services, installation materials and business practices. To join the program you must be a current Contractor member of the Metal Roofing Alliance.

What are the benefits of joining the program?

Enhanced directory listing in the Find A Contractor directory

  • Your company name will appear with a special Quality Contractor seal

How do I become a Quality Contractor?

To become a Quality Contractor you must be a current Contractor of the Metal Roofing Alliance. If you haven't already, sign up for Contractor membership here. Once you have become a Contractor member, you can proceed with the Quality Contractor application outlined below.

If you are a current Contractor member of the MRA and want to join the Quality Contractor program, you must provide documents that show you meet the program requirements. The application for membership can be found here in your profile but we recommend you read through the steps below before applying.

  1. Read and sign the program Participation Agreement. Download that document here.
  2. Gather the necessary documentation to apply for membership. You can choose to submit your documents digitally or by mail. Click here for a list of those documents.
    • Licenses in states/localities in which it is doing business;
    • Certificate of workers compensation coverage required under applicable state law(s);
    • Certificate of general liability insurance of $1million or amount required under applicable state law, whichever is greater;
    • Proof of installation of products that meet or exceed MCA's “Guide Specification for Residential Metal Roofing” on at least three (3) residential installations, such as contracts with consumers showing materials installed (prices may be redacted) or purchase orders from manufacturers (prices may be redacted) and statement from contractor owner/CEO that products were installed;
    • Statement from owner/CEO describing prior experience in metal roofing installation (must be at least three years) OR a description of at least five (5) residential installations worked on by owner/CEO or installation supervisor, including name, address and contact information for homeowners;
    • Description of OSHA training provided to employees;
    • Name of MRA listed manufacturer training program used to train employees including names of employees and dates of training, OR description of training program used by contractor that meets basic MRA requirements including names of employees and dates of training;
    • Business card or other documentation of contractor's business address (P.O. Box insufficient);
    • Standard form contract provided to consumers for installation of residential metal roofing OR copy of a signed contract for a residential roof installation (price may be redacted).
  3. Go to the application and choose whether you would like to submit your documents digitally or by mail. Click here to be taken to the application if you are already a Contractor member. If not, sign up for membership here.
  4. After you submit your application it will be reviewed by our staff. Once your application for membership has been approved you will be asked to make a payment.

What is the cost to join the program?*

Gold Level Contractors: $250 per year
Silver Level Contractors: $500 per year
Bronze Level Contractors: $750 per year

*Annual program fees are in addition to Contractor membership fee

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