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Has anyone ever heard of a "snow-brake" for metal roofs? I have a problem with the snow crashing down off of my roof and building up on the north side of the house. This snow doesn't melt until April! I live in Idaho and we get a fair amount of snow here. I saw a roof with this "snow-brake" barrier mounted parallel to the roofline and about 18" from the edge. This seemed to be working pretty well. It was made in the shape of a 45-45-90 triangle, with the right angle toward the topof the roof. Has anyone else ever heard or seen such a thing? If so, are they truly effective in reducing the sudden crashing of snow off of the roof?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Funny how some people want to get the snow off the roof and others want to keep it on. Anyways each manufacturer of smooth metal roofing typically has their own brand or markets a generic brand of "Snow Guards" Even your local building retail store should carry a line if they carry steel rrofing. I would however try to identify the manufacturer of you metal roof and contact them. Each profile has their own requirements to work best and it is also a function of rafter length and roof pitch. If you are unable to identify the manufacturer look at the profiles available on this web site and contact a member manufacturer that could help you out. Remember the power of the snow is considerable so ensure that you make the proper engineered choice.
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Thanks Al. I'll look into that. It's nice to know I'm not crazy and there really is such a thing.
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I live in NH. The pitch of the asphalt shingled roof on the back of my house is low, so in the winter ice builds up on the lower edge of the roof. We have dealt with it by shoveling off the ice and snow. Many years ago we also tried heat tapes. Both of these methods of dealing with the ice dams have left my roof chopped up. My current roof is only 8 years old so I don't want to re-roof yet. Many people in NH with similar roof conditions have installed ice panels. I bought some, but don't know how to install them. Do I leave the regular shingles on beneath the metal panels, or do I remove some? I have water and ice membrane under the shingles, but that would have lots of holes in it if I removed the shingles. I could put on another layer of membrane. Please tell me how to go about installing these panels, as the snow will be coming soon. Thanks.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Arlene, I am so sorry but I do not know what "ice panels" are. Can you please provide further explanation?
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