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Our nearly 70 year old Frank Lloyd Wright-style contemporary, square, stucco home with rounded corners on the semi-Mansard roof and also with a semi-circular-shaped wing needs a new roof. (It's sort of a Mansard surrounding a flat roof.) It currently has a shake roof that is not too old, but the roof over the proch is moss-grown and deteriorated--the porch is under a big, East Texas Southern Magnolia tree. Otherwise the home is in excellent condition. We originally planned to get a metal roof, but my husband couldn't find one that we could apply to a radius. Then tonight I found your web site. We need to find an experienced contractor to talk to, but your web site won't work for us. We live in in a different state right now because of our work, and the house is in East Texas, currently leased. I do not wish to involve the current occupants. I've read all your FAQs that seem to apply to our situation. Questions: How can I, as a home owner who doesn't have gobs of time to research each member's site, find a shingle that will look good and fit well? (There are many metal roofs in the town.) Can you go beyond the "find a member who has small shingles"? I need help! How can I find a contractor to talk to and learn more? I will be in East Texas next week, and I need to get this show on the road while I am there. Thanks for your help. I need to get this resolved ASAP. Sooner is better! Marti
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Marti, Do you have any photos of the house? If I could see the roofline, then I think I can make some firm suggestions on products you could investigate. Todd Miller [email protected]
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There are a number of products that will do the job. I can say that our wood shake granular coated metal has been used on a Frank Lloyd Wright house, in the north and these types of systems work very well on radius corners and rafters. Please go to our web site at and you can view the product and leave an inquiry of contact me directly at and I will put the information over to our sales manager in TX to provide some contractors.
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