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I had a exposed fastener metal roof installed last October/November. Where the roof butts up against the vinal siding, the J chanel that the siding is still exposed. When it rains, any water that runs down the siding goes in to the J channel and is released under the new roof and on top of the old shingle roof. What is the proper way to correct this situation ? I have called several contractors that install this and other types of metal roofs, of the doezen or so that I have called only 2 have followed up and have come out to look at the issue, one once having seen the roof, stated he woiuld not want to be involved in repairing it, the other stated he would get back to me with an estimate, he has not. Three others have returned my call stating they would give me a call with a time when they could look at it, and I have not heard back from them in over 2 weeks, the remainder where not interested at all once they found out that I had a metel roof all ready installed and just needed repairs. Is this something a home owner can correct himself or should it be left to a pro ? Thanks for the assistance. Steve
Allan Reid
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This detail is best handled with a metal flashing tucked up behind the siding and out onto the metal roof, however it is significantly easier to completethis at the time of installation of the metal roof as the siding will need to be cut back and the flashing installed. There is another detail that is for a retrofit application like this that you can try where you have a flashing formed to fitv the angle of the roof and wall. The wall leg needs to be about 2" high (enough to cover the J channel) with a 1/2" tilt out at about 60 degrees at the top. Fasten the flashing to the wall and to the metal roof every 2 feet, then fill the reglet along the wall with a good quality sealant.
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