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We have built a new home with a 10/12 pitch metal roof. We have significant snow fall and would like to identify any suppliers/manufacturers of snow guards since we plan to use a 6" gutter system and know that the snow build-up will probably put the gutter system at risk. Do you know if there are any suppliers of snow guards in the Columbus, Ohio area or any other we could contact via email or telephone. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Try Sno-Gem, Inc. @ 888-766-4367. I work for them and I know we can help.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Thanks Paul. Your company should consider MRA membership.
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Greetings Paul Williams, I installed a number of Sno Gem triangular,plastic pieces on my metal roof.They fit nicely into the center recessed area(2"x6"x3.25" high) of the metal roof. They lasted about 3 years and for some reason one slide of snow brought all of them down, appox. 40 pieces. Can you please advise me as to how to re-install? Materials, glue, etc. I purchased these from Sno Gem over the internet. Monte R. Fautin 2941 South Wood Hollow Way Bountiful, Utah 84010
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