flaking paint on verticle panel style

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We're looking at a home to purchase,which is only five yrs. old.It's a repo situation, so unfortunately we haven't been able to find out who the builder was yet,hense as well as the metal roofing manufacturer.The color is a dark green , and just sections are flaking down to bare metal.We recieved some info from a home inspector that it may be from inadiquate ventilation, and getting too much heat underneath. I've been in the attic (which is heavily insulated/blown-in), but gable vents are open,and appears to have a ridge vent. Possibility that the metal just wasn't treated correctly at the factory?? Just trying to do the homework , and figure out what it may take to correct , and cost. Appreciate very much any suggestions. THANKS!!!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
There may be a number of issues here. The new codes call for balanced ridge and eave ventilation. If there is blown in insulation, check that soffit/eaves ventilation has been provided. Having ridge and gable vents only will short cicuit the air and leave 67% unventilated. As to paint pealing, darker colours get hotter and weak paint systems will deteriorate faster under theses conditions. You need to check into the metal further but it is quite possible that it is just a lower budget agricultural panel with a lower quality paint and steel substrate. Also metal left in the pile unprotected can start an electolytic action whoich deteriorates both the metalic and paint coatings.The cheapest solution is to let the paint wear off and then before the metalic coating is worn away, have the roof painted.
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