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Hello, a couple of questions. My low-slope (3:12) tar and gravel roof needs replacing. The look is not important because the house is on top of a hill and nobody can see the roof surface (or just barely). We intend to install skylights at the same time. This forum has provided great advice on that topic. We get lots of snow. I don't mind the snow sliding off in most areas, but I don't want snow sliding off at our front door or over our back patio where we use the hot tub in winter. Question 1: What is the difference between commercial and residential products? Because looks aren't important, might I save money by getting a commercial roof? Question 2: I want gutters so that rain drains away from my deck and doors, but I've heard that the snow sliding of a metal roof can tear them right off. Is this true, and if so, is there an alternative? Thanks, Meg
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A commercial roof system is typically designed as a structural panel and one that can go down to slopes as low as 1/2" in 12". Typically they have higher seams, are made from heavier material and have concealed floating clips designed for long sheet lengths. They will be more money in small quantities. Guters should be installed such that the lead edge of the gutter is just below the roof plane so that the snow will slide over it. Alternately there are a number of snow retention systems, that will hold the snow on the roof. Choose a product with this in mind and contact the manufacturer to get their recommendations.Some gutters come with heavy duty brackets or alternately use more fasteners and install straps from the outer edge back up under the roof metal. Remember the new building code calls for ventilation and as it sounds like you may have a vaulted ceiling, they require a 1" min vented air space balance between eave and ridge.
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