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We built an all steel building last fall. Unfortunately we didn't do enough research on our contractor and he made a real mess. With the summer rain we have found a multitude of leaks in the roof. Many of the screws are put in on an angle so that the wash is not compressed against the roof. We have tried to get the contractor to come back with no luck. We have decided to fix it ourselves and get it over with. What do we do to correct the problem?? Thanks in advance for your help
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First of all, this sort of construction is a bit outside my expertise. You may want to contact the manufacturer of the building/roofing or perhaps also the Metal Building Manufacturers Association. This may be a situation where the screws could be replaced with larger screws driven in correctly. Another option would be to seal over the existing screws with a quality butyl sealant. Again, this is outside my expertise though so I encourage you to research a bit further.
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