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Hi Experts, we have a 7 year old metal roof that has faded. We have been told we need to wash it. I do not know anyone who washes their roof!! Anyway, do you have any suggestions. The company that installed it has not been a helpful at all. Thanks Tina
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Tina, without seeing the roof, I really cannot say whether power washing would help. There are numerous types of paint finishes being use don metal roofing products. The Metal Construction Association, through its Certified Metal Roofing Program, has identified distinction for "Standard" and "Premium" systems which are suitable for use on residential metal roofing. Individual manufacturers can tell consumers whether they are a part of the MCA program. You might want to try to contact the manufacturer of your roofing. The finishes which MCA has identified as "Premium" actually carry a fade resistance warranty. You could certainly try hand-washing a small roof area to see if it helps. If it does, then having the roof power washed might be an option. Still, though, the roofing manufacturer should provide input as to how to walk on and wash the roof.
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