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We had a standing seam .026 ga. metal roof installed on our new timber frame house and it looks terriable. The contractor who installed it was a general contractor, not a roofing contractor. The roof system is 8" of styrofoam bonded to 3/4" flake board on either side, kind of like an ice cream sandwich.Mostly 12/12 & 6/12 pitch. The panels are held in place with 12" spikes. On top of the panels he installed "ice & snow" shield over the entire roof, then he installed the metal roof on top of that. Looking up the roof the panels are all wavey, the contractor called it "oil caning" and said it is normal. The manufacturer says the contractor may have screwed the panels down too tight,but he isnt positive thats the problem. The contractor says because we live on top of a hill with winds in excess of 60mph at times he had no choice.Also in the summer with the sun and 80degree temperatures the metal really buckles and makes noise as if expanding. These panels wont come apart without destroying them so its not like we can just re do them. Everyone does agree on one thing, the roof looks like hell. Any suggestions? Do we hire a roofing contractor and start over? We are just sick over this whole thing. We appreciate your help and concern.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I am very sorry to hear about the troubles you have encountered with your metal roof. Fortunately, it is unusual for me to hear stories such as yours. Right off hand, this does sound like an installation issue. However, due to the complexity of this situation and my subsequent need for additional details, I am contacting you directly via email in order to obtain more information.
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