new install over factory metal roof. roof

gary hovermale
Would a metal roof be worth the cost of installing vs putting on the best elastomer sealer to help with reducing the inside house temp? #2. I have been given a few quotes and most say to not install a vapor barrier or 'bubble wrap insulation as this would not help with condensation? They said that with either 1x3 or 2x4 purlins along with the ribs in the metal for air flow and a 'crv' would be sufficient to prevent condensation. I feel that even with a 2" space between the old and new steel that it should have either a vapor barrier or as I prefer, a layer of R-3.2 bubble wrap insulation. What gives? I was told 'no' with an air gap and yes without one. ie flush against foam or other material. My central air runs 15on, 5 off to maintain 74 degrees. Would a new roof be worth the cost vs a Hi- Grade sealer to reduce the a/c run time, I am 63 and wondering if the roof is worth the investment? Thanks, Sincerely; Gary.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Gary, What is the current structure like and where are the condensation issues showing?

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