Bernard Alimenti
I recently had a metal roof installed, which is approximately 10 months old now. It was a 5V with a Gavalum finish. I have discovered a lot of rust spots on the roof and screws. I was told by the installer that it is cast off from putting the screws in. I was also told my roof is within "industry standards". I am concerned as rust on a metal roof shouldn't be good at all even in small amounts. I was told that it isn't rust just surface spots. Should I be concerned or is this really an industry standard and won't harm the roof?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
I is likely that it is filings from when the panels were cut. It is in close proximity where panel would need to be cut (valleys, end walls, etc.)?
Guest User
I am in the same exact situation and the spots are identical (5v mill 1 month old) , what ever came from your situation? I am freaking out
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Surface rust spots will often embed into the metal and spread. Try cleaning them off with something like Soft Scrub, so long as it does not impact the surface appearance. I would also suggest contacting the manufacturer for their input.
Guest User
thank you

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