Joe Biddle
I've received a proposal for a classic rib install over existing shingle. It seems that most suppliers and contractors in my area have settled on 29 gauge as standard for residential installs. I have the option to upgrade to 26 gauge for around $350 on a 18 sq project. I have no problem paying the additional cost if there is any real benefit. Would this make the panels less prone to expansion/contraction? Any additional concerns with exposed fasteners with the thicker panels?
David Stermer
Hi Joe, Thanks for using metal. Going to 26 ga will have no affect on expansion and contraction - exactly the same. 26 ga panels are thicker, which will provide the benefits for stiffer and stronger roof system. Sounds like a reasonable upgrade to me. Not required, but reasonable. No additional concerns with exposed fasteners. Regards, David
Guest User
I also got a quote on 29 gage roofing- would the 26 be easier to walk on? Is the zinc in the steel better than the aluminium? I also have a problem as we have a patio door sitting on top of the roof right now but am thinking of getting a new door Installed but shorter in size if I can- what size would I be looking at- or is there another option? Also our roof is a gentle Slope would the snow breakers work over our greenhouse which is attached to our house-it is single glass panes enclosed! And over the doors also I guess I would need them-any advice there? I had planned on getting a balcony built at the patio door on second level- would this be possible at a later time?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Easy to walk on depends on what you are referring to. Neither should bend or show foot traffic if properly navigated. Snow retention does work if the system is well designed and appropriate for the snowfall totals of a given area. Not sure about the door or patio questions without seeing the project. Metal can be worked with down the road, but proper planning is ideal to eliminate duplicitous work.

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