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We had major problems with ice dams and melt water damage to our ceilings and walls due to the extremely cold winter and more than 8 feet of snow in the Boston area this past winter. Now we need to replace our roof - which is asphalt shingles. We would like to consider a metal roofing system. Can you comment on the pros and cons and whether metal roof systems perform better than the a good asphalt architectural shingle system with the ice/water shield and uderlayment products.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Here is an article I have written awhile back on this subject:
Dick Bus
Phillip, Todd writes very good articles. I am sure the one on ice dams is excellent. The only thing I would add is make sure you use good quality metal roofing similar to the ones that the manufacturing members of the Metal Roofing Alliance produce. Also, check out the contractor and verify that he is reputable and knows what he is doing with metal. There is a huge demand for roofing contractors in your area because of the rough winter.

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