How to Transition from Metal Roof to Mod Bit flat roof

Cathy Grondin
I am reroofing a 3:12 pitch roof to Metal standing seam. I have a small flat roof addition off the back and it is flat, no pitch. i have torn off the old rolled roofing of the flat as well. This is my first attempt at roofing and i have read endless amounts of metal manufacturer installation guides. I have applied the mod bit underlayment on the flat roof up to and extended onto the pitched roof slightly. Then i tied in the metal high temp underlayment on the sucessive row. I'm not sure of the best way to tie in the metal to mod bit rolled roof. I was thinking of flashing the transition. Under the metal panel and over the rolled roofing. Unsecured on the rolled roof as i do not want screws . But i don't want to create a neg flash on the flat roof as i have read here Roll the mod bit on top the flashing transition slightly onto the pitched roof and then overlay with metal panel. Do i end the panel before i hit the flat roof transition. I
Eric Novotny
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What type of metal roof to start with?

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