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I have a gamble roofed barn, using standard R panels, and during heavy rain I have water apparantly siphoning or seeping in along the seams - obvious streams of water being visible from the underside - especially on the flatter portion of the roof, and in numerous areas (not isolated). I suggested to my contractor that all the panels needed to be butyl taped on the ridges to prevent this, but he says he's built these for 30 years this way and has never had a problem (?) and he can show me a taped roof that leaks. He suggests it is just a few loose screws and that should fix it. (He hasn't yet looked at it). Do you think taping the ridge seams is what is needed? Also, I have a new house being roofed with Classic Rib panels, which have what I call little shoulders on both sides of the raised ridges, and this contractor says this type of panel is not supposed to be taped, that any water siphoning in will just run out down the shoulder ridges. Your comments? Thanks for a great forum. Don
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