Attaching Shed Metal Roof to Asphalt shingle roof

Chris Law
What is the best way to intersect a 2/12 standing seam metal roof on a 20x37 screen porch with an 8/12 asphalt shingle roof? Chris
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Ideally, it would be best to have a 6" or so vertical fascia between the two roofs which could be flashed. Sounds like that isn't the case though. You mention 2:12 pitch for the metal roof. Make sure that the metal panels being installed are suitable for a 2:12 pitch. To make a direct transition between the two, you need a custom formed flashing which comes out on top of the lower roof by 6" or so and extend sup under a course of the saphalt shingles by as much as possible. Mount the flashing fairly high on the upper roof so that the flashing maintains a positive slope. Depending up the profile of metal panel, you may need closure strip or some sort of flashing between the metal panels and the transition flashing. Also, check with the manufacturer of the metal roofing for these instructions.
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