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I am preparing a Preventative Building Maintenance Program for a condo association of framed two storey buildings with about a 4/12 pitch with standing seam, 5v crimp gal. metal roofs. They were build sometime in the mid 80's. Metal is fastened to furring strips with one layer of felt over trusses. There are some denting from service men walking on them, but that's minimal, adn the rusting areasa are at the eaves. A roofing contractor suggested removal of the metal, installatin of CDX and shingles. A roof consultant and engineeering services has also suggested that the roofs can be extended about3-4 years with just basic maintenance done to them. I suggested that with proper pairs (some rust thru under a sq. ft. areas), but generally in excellent shape otherwise, that these roofs are prime for 1) repairs and prep, 2) proper caulking/flashing at butts to walls and windows, and 3) coating of al metal. I have digital photos I can send and would like the condo Board to contact a company with "certified" installers to obatin a bid on the above. It is my opinion that doing the above wil save them tons of money while increasing the life of the existing roofs indifinitely if the above is done and a Prev. Roof Maint. Program is then created and implemented. There are 12 buildings. They also have cupolas - halve small and half large, also with the same metal roofs. Comments or suggestions about my suggestion to the Board? I'm a semi-retired remodeler in Naples, FL Sonny Lykos Construction Solutions Systems, Inc. 239-253-3899 (Cel) Fax: 239-793-1038
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A photos is worth, well, a lot of words. To get started on evluating this, please email photos to me at [email protected]
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i have a galvanized patio roof 18by20.i have two questions.when the temprature drops the roof sweats and creates condinsation can you help?also is there some kind of coating to put on the roof to seal it.
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Condensation results when warm moist air hits a cool surface. A coating on the back side of the metal will not stop this from occurring. If you wish, please tell us more about the overall construction of this patio room/roof and maybe we can provide some helpful ideas.
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