Replace Slate roof w/metal

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I have an 80+ old slate roof and would like to replace with a standing seam metal roof and would like to know the best practice. The slate is nailed to 1x10 pine board with 1-2 inch spaces between them. Would the slate just be removed and the metal attached or should plywood be installed with felt then the metal roofing. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks. I am assuming this is natural slate and not "asbestos slate" ... it is a little hard to tell from the photo. Very attractive home though! There are occasions when metal has been installed over slate but chances are removing it will be best. As far as whether you need to then put down decking or not ... it really depends upon what type of metal roof you install. Many metal roofs could be installed over your current spaced boards but some products can not be. I will add this ... if you do not have good attic ventilation (both intake and exhaust) or can't add ventilation if the current is not good, then I would suggest decking as no decking could lead to condensation issues.
Eric Novotny
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+1 Make sure you don't have asbestos in this case. A solid and heavy gauge standing seam should do fine over level decking. Be sure to cover the deck with an non-breathable underlayment so as to prevent any condensation on the back side of the standing seam as well as make sure the ventilation is spot on like Todd said. Post up some pictures of the soffit or venting set up and that will help finalize the approach.

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