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We are looking into a new roof for our home. Currently we have a wood shingle roof and are almost certain that we will go with a Standing seam metal roof. My home is a traditional cottage with a very steep pitched roof. I would love to get a Zinc roof but it is out of our budget. What other products would you recommend? I have looked into Galvalume (it seems too light for my home), plain galvanized, paint grip (is there a way to seal it so I can keep the natural color), and of course Kynar painted. How long will a plain galvanized roof last? It seems that most roofing companies I have talked with a VERY against a plain galvanized roof because of rust but we have a steep pitch and are not in a coastal area. Should I worry about rust as well? Thank you.
Dick Bus
Allow me to work from the best down as far as performance is concerned. Zinc will out last any of the material you listed, you may want to take a look at Umicore's Adeka panel. It is a standing seam in a box. It is not custom roll formed like most vertical panels. It provides the transverse seams like the standing seam roofs of years ago. Kynar 500 coated Galvalume with Bonderite 1310 pretreatment will also perform very well for many years and provide a consistent color. Bend radius of the trim and panels have to be generous to prevent crazing of the Galvalume coating. Kynar 500 coated Galvanized with Bonderite 1421 pretreatment is next, the pretreatment is critical from a long term corrosion stand point. Galvalume Plus is Galvalume with a acrylic coating that has been used successfully in many low slope applications. It is not a consistent color. Paint Grip is Galvanized with a pretreatment to prep the metal for painting. By itself it is ok to use, but it is not a consistent color. All Galvanized products need to be G-90 or G-100 to provide the maximum corrsion protection for a roofing application. I hope I have not confused you further about metal. To have a successful installation of metal roofing make sure you check out the contractor. Ask for references of other similar installations. Contact those homeowners, look close at the details. How do the flashings look, etc. If you have any further questions, do not hesitat to contact us.


Hi I extremely interested in doing a standing seam Zinc roof in the Portland Oregon area but I am having great difficulty finding anyone that has any interest in doing it. And evrybody puts down the whole idea, I think because they just want to sell what they have. We have stretched our existing comp roof to 28 years by taking great care to keep it clean of needles and moss but it is about done. I have a 5000 square foot plain hip roof, 6.5/12 pitch roof in a mountainous area, and my house is surrounded by doug firs. So, we get lots of needles, and moss and algae eventually latches on to everything around here. The front plane and the ends of the roof are all very visible from the road. We took great care when we built here in 1991 to have no penetrations on the front and ends just because our roof is a good part of the look of the house as it is so large. I fully understand that Zinc is expensive but I'm getting tired of people telling me it isn't suitable for my roof. I've always thought Zinc would be great for this environment. Am I missing something? I would prefer to be conservative, perhaps a 14" seam to seam panel 1 3/4" rib made of .8 mm (.031) Rheinzinc. I like the idea of snaplock because it seems OK for my pitch and it seems like it would nicely allow for movement, and I like the idea of being able to easily remove a pan for repair if needed. Yes I can afford it. Am I really that far wrong to consider Zinc ?

Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.

Zinc should make a fine roof for you. I know that ATAS International, a founding member of our organization, works with zinc ... have you tried contacting them for contractor suggestions?

Dick Bus

thanks Todd,
we have produced millions of square feet of zinc roofing. As you have found out there are not too many contractors that are familiar with it. I can provide you with a list of contractors in your area. 610-395-8445

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