Roof over exhisting shingles

james sampson
I have a home in Cocoa Beach Florida that my insurance provider has given me notice to replace the roof or face cancellation. It currently has one layer of three tab asphalt with a repaired section with torch down roll roofing. Can I apply metal roofing directly on the old shingles or do I need to install perlings and then the metal. I'm trying to avoid the cost of re-roof requirements for Florida and still have a long lasting roof that satisfies the insurance providers requirements.
Dick Bus
I am afraid that to meet Florida Building Code you will have to remove the existing roof so that the plywwod deck can be inspected. There has been a lot of independent research over the years including by the Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues that prove that buildings need to be inspected throught the construction process. When making your metal roof roof selection choose a manufacturer that is a member of The Metal Roofing Alliance. We, as members, have agree to manufacture top quality products.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
I will defer to Dick's knowledge of FL code on this one, but regardless of the FL requirements, you should want to strip that roof regardless. I don't like going over top of asphalt as a general rule and it should be avoided when it can.

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