Cathedral cieling...adding insulation

Jason Duke
I have a metal roof and an unfinished second story home. Upon checking my insulation, I realized something that may be a problem. First, my roof joists are 2x10, and they insulated them with batting. They used R19 faced insulation, and because it doesnt fill the cavity, there is a channel between it and the roof...which I think is OK. The problem is, this is how the cathedral ceiling in the living room was done. That means its heavily under-insulated (drwall, R19, airspace, deck, roof paper or whatever, and then metal roof). Since that part is finished, is there any way to properly insulate that area without taking down drywall? Any solution I can think of involves pumping the cavities completely full of insulation, thus cutting off any airflow under the decking between the joists. I do have radiant barrier decking, if that matters at all.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Is the space currently vented now? Soffits? If so, dense packing the area is a no-no and there is plenty of evidence to indicate that dense packing any roof with cellulose is bad application.

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