Carolyn Purvis
Gentlemen, We are investigating our options for roof replacement, currently having a single layer asphalt shingle roof installed over plywood sheets. I love the benefit of a metal roof should we ever realize our dream of having solar panel installed. I've taken the time to read through your forum and have a few questions I would like answered that didn't appear to be addressed elsewhere. I hope you have some time to give them your attention. What maintenance issues may I expect to encounter over the lifetime of the roof if the roof has been installed properly? Do some styles of roof require more maintenance than others or some coatings require more/less maintenance than others? We heat with wood which requires roof access to clean our chimney yearly. I read here that a roof had been dented because it had been walked on. Is this a common issue with metal roofs and are some styles more likely to dent than others? After reading your forum, I have come away with the impression that while shingles can be left on, there are benefits and detriments to doing so. I've not read one benefit for leaving them on, anway. Am I correct in my assumption? Thank you for taking the time to read my questions and respond. We are looking for a maintence free, long lasting product and hope that metal roofing is the way to achieve that.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Carolyn. Thanks for your email and your questions. Most metal roofs require no maintenance for at least 40 years plus. And even at that point the maintenance would be to repaint which is a pretty simple and lasting process on most roofs. Products that have exposed fasteners may need some fasteners retightened or even replaced before that. There are varying qualities of paint finishes though. The highest end finishes will have warranties against fade and chalk. All metal roofs can be walked with care. And one bonus is that they do not decline in their ability to be walked as they age, unlike many roofing materials. If roof access needs to be gained for extensive work on a chimney or something, boards can be put down on the roof to protect it. In general the products that have greater texturing to them will be less prone to damage and also less likely to show minor indentations should they occur. As far as going over the old shingles .... it really depends upon current roof condition and also what product you're installing. I suggest consulting with the roofing manufacturer in regards to that. All best.
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
In reverse order of questions as they were posed: -metal is 100% the way to go for a maintenance free (with the exception of painting), long lasting, semi-permanent roof -I prefer to remove the shingles but from a technical standpoint, they can be left in many applications. I prefer to access the roof deck completely and put down all new underlayment, ice/water, etc. -If the roof has a deck beneath it (vs. set on a system of battens or purlins), there is very little chance of denting and the smoother surfaces can be slick and more prone to show walking impressions as opposed to the more broken and rough textured roofs -only maintenance issues (assuming proper installation) should be finish coatings and re-painting You are definitely looking in the correct direction and you are going to be best served with a metal roof.

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