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I am in the final stages of planning to paint my barn roof myself. I have pressurae washed with tsp, fixed leaks and primed rust spots, and selected my final finish paint,DTM. My question, It is a fair sized roof, 125' X50' with a 4/12 pitch. lota roof, as far as actualy painting I am leaning strongly to spraying as I think this is too much roof to roll, or is it?? Regarding the sprayer is their a particular type of spray equpment that is preferable? HVLP sprayer? or just rent a sprayer? Tip size? and how long would it take an industrius fella to paint a roof of this size?? I know this is as much a painters question as a roofers, but your thoughts are appreciated Thanks, Don Scott
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I am sorry ... this is a bit outside my expertise. I would think you could roll the paint. However, an airless sprayer or an HVLP should work too. Good luck. The project shouldn't take too long, I wouldn't think.
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