Flashing Compatable with Metal Roofing

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Dear Help Line, Could you please recommend the best product to specify when flashing a chimney that comes up through a roof we are installing of Galvalume steel roof sheeting. Also, with a 20" chimney at the eve of the house, should the roofing contractor build a cricket at the chimney or simply flash it straight across? Lead Flashing is great stuff, but heard it was not compatible with Galvalume... True? Thanks for your help! Louis Louis A. Plaud Engineering Technician ROICC Office Winter Harbor, Maine (207) 963-7241 / 7520
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest a cricket. Obviously, there is more than one way to do things but my suggestion would be a custom-made flashing fabricated from coil or sheet stock which matches the roofing. Separate the metal from the masonry with roofing felt, a thin sheet of rubber, or even roofing cement. If possible, make a sawcut into the brick to receive the flashing. Bend the top of the flashing 90 degrees to go into the cut. Seal with a quality sealant.
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