S Smith
I recently installed a metal roof on a new home I am building. Recently it has been tested by heavy rains and winds with no problems. After a frosty night, the sun came out this morning and it is raining in my house. It is a standing seam metal roof over synthetic underlayment over purlins. The house is to lock up but has yet to have the soffits installed or any source of heat. What concerns me is that no matter how many vents I will never get the sort of air circulation there is now. I also can't see how it could be a temperature differential that will get any better when I have the place closed in with a cold space atic. I have read that spray foaming the underside could be a solution but I have been quoted $2500 dollars I don't have. Any ideas ?
Eric Novotny
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If you don't have any ventilation in place, you are going to have condensation at a minimum. If the inside of the home finished (i.e. ceiling, attic, etc) or is it a cathedral ceiling? Spray foam will insulated and provide an air barrier to the roof which will eliminated the air movement and condensation as well.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Your options before completion are either a vapor barrier, standard insulation, and a vented airspace, or the urethane foam done by an experienced contractor.
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