Metal roof over SIPS panels

chris simmans
Should I use tar paper/felt under my metal roof? It is R-Panel Galvalume and it will be installed on top of 8" SIPS panels. It will be attached to the 1/2" OSB on the outside of the SIPS panels. Is this overkill? The roof has a low slope 13' on the front wall to 11' on the back wall over a 30' run.
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I would highly recommend a synthetic underlayment and potentially ice/water shield depending on the slope of the roof and the type of metal roof being used. Have you confirmed that the metal roof is suitable for your slope.
Nate Libbey
Most manufacturers quote R-Panel as being good for either a 1:12 or 1/2:12 pitch depending on the company. (Provided butyl lap sealant and stitch screws are used on the laps.)
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