Using impermeable membrane to protect SIP's

Scott McNabb
I will be building a home in eastern central Tennessee and would like to install a metal shingle/shake roof. The shell of the home, including the roof panels will be Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). I had planned in installing a self adhesive impermeable membrane (example - Grace Ice and Water Shield) over the SIP’s then installing the singles over the membrane. The reason for using the impermeable barrier is to protect the SIP’s from all water, as they are both structure and roof surface. The home will have an active ventilation system to remove excess moisture. Any one have any thoughts on this design?
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Putting ice/water across the roof is certainly an option but will come at an expense. Most fasteners used in metal roofing are self-sealing in that the climate protective coating on them will emulsify upon going through the decking and re-seal when cool. The foam, most often times an EPS, is not permeable to water in either case.
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