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Last fall we had our metal roof replaced, not because it was failing but more for asthetics. The old roof consisted of the metal with roofing felt between the metal and the wood deck. The new roof is metal with Titanium UDL 30 underlayment. Within days it was almost raining in our kitchen and livingroom. The contractor came back and said he had forgot to leave the ridge open to vent. He cut the underlayment back and vented the ridge. It seemed to do the trick. But we also had a real mellow winter last year. I added soffet vents to increase venting on the intake end and the contractor did not seal the bottom ends of the roof. I should also mention these rooms are a cathedral ceiling design. Today, Thanksgiving Day, with four inches of snow on the roof and more falling it started to do it again. What is happening and what can be done to make it stop before I have a major mold problem? If it matters, I was running the insert wood stove in the living room which may have increased the temp in the higher portion of the room. Now that the room temp is lower and the night is cooling more it seems to have stopped, outside air temp is 20 degrees and falling. The inside temp is about 65 degrees. At the time the dripping started outside air temp was about 25 and the inside, at living space level, about 70. We never had this problem with the old roof.
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What is the construction of your home (i.e. attic space, vaulted ceiling, etc). I have said this on this board many times and it is very likely that it applies here as well, the issue is not ventilation but the source of the moisture. Seal up the attic floor and prevent the moisture from leaving living space altogether. You will accomplish two things but not letting the humidity percolate up to the attic and stopping the heat loss. Both of these will assist in energy efficiency and roof/building material longevity.
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