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Looking at the shingle style, with granular coating. I am concerned about the granuals coming off, just like on an asphalt/fibergalss shingle. Won't this then diminish the roofs looks and function? Also I notice that the warranty is comparable to asphalt/fibergalss; why would I pay so much more without the manufacturer stepping up with a significantly longer warranty? Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The granular finishes used on metal roofing are quite proven in terms of durability, as well as beauty. I am sure that any of the manufacturers of these products will be happy to discuss the performance history of their products. As for the warranty ... warranties can be confusing and even misleading I am sorry to say. Additionally, regardless of warranty length, your goal is undoubtedly to have a roof which performs for the long term. I suggest comparing warranties very carefully, looking closely at coverages, exclusions, and limitations. Additionally, ask the manufacturers of products you're considering for older jobs that you can go and observe first-hand.
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