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I am a member of a homeowners association that has strict building covenants with regards to visiblility of the structure. Recently one of our members put on a metal roof that everyone says violates the visibility issue because it is too reflective and shines like a beacon whenever the sun hits it. It is light grey. I am wondering if there is a product or a paint that will adhere to a metal roof to reduce glare. The roof is a coated metal or kynar type finish. The HOA is considering banning metal roofs because of this issue. Can you help?
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A couple of things ... There are metal roofs available with low gloss paint finishes and also metal roofs with aggregate coatings which would have avoided this situation. That said, chances are the gloss will diminish rapidly in coming months. Imagine if you sat your car outside and never washed it -- you know that it would lose its shine pretty quickly.
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