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I have a older house that was built in 1960 the house has a metal roof on it. The house has blown in insulation with gable end vents and a ridge cap vent but the air contioner runs all of the time, I was wondering about having some soffit ventalation put in, or putting in a solar gable vent in to exhaust some of the hot air. Any ideas?
Eric Novotny
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More ventilation does not necessarily have anything to do with the heating issue. From a technical standpoint, we don't care about the level ventilation as long as it is adequate to control humidity. Attic ventilation is not designed to control heat. If you do not have about 15-18" of attic insulation, you do not have enough. You might as well address the envelope breaches as well at the same time or you are only addressing half of the problem. It is very common to associate ventilation with controlling attic heat and therefore upstairs heat. It absolutely will help with that heat but it is a band aid fix to the larger issue and will certainly not help with winter heat losses. Winter heat losses will equal ice damning and massive energy losses.
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