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Had roof installed 5 years ago, over the last year the paint started peeling/bubbling, can't find the installer, (EBCO Roofing co. Tampa, FL owned by a Earl Benjamin ). So I thought if I knew who the manufacture was then I could check on the warrantee. Any way to tell who the manufacture is on a Vetical Panel style roof?? Thanks for your help.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This should fall under the manufacturers' warranty. I am assuming you have searched for some sort of info regarding the mfr -- looked for literature, warranty, old packaging, etc. Some manufacturers might put their name on the back of the roofing panels but that is unusual. Can you track down Earl at all -- maybe call suppliers he used or any other way possible? Other than that, email me a photo of the roof. I doubt it will be identifiable but I will try. [email protected]
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