metal roof installed on home, confused on do I need a ridge vent

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I purchased a home from an individual about 2 years ago. It is an older home and it was built around 1977. The previous owner did some remolding on the house and he installed a metal roof. Well I noticed that my power bill hasnt been consistant with what I thought it should be. I had some ceiling guys do some work in my living room, which is the only room in the house with a pitched ceiling and they informed me that it is getting way to hot up next to the ceiling. I got on the ladder and put my hand on the middle truss in the house and it was def hot to the touch and I noticed hot air was coming through one of the holes in the ceiling that was for the light fixture. I do have vents on each side of my house for the attic but the ceiling guy believes that those vents only supply ventalation to the ends of the house and not the middle of the house where the peaked ceiling is. He suggested to put a ridge vent above the living room where the heat was, but he didnt know how they would do it on a metal roof. Does any one have any suggestions on what I should do or something to cure this problem?
Eric Novotny
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Attic ventilation was not intended for venting heat as a majority (+95%) happens to the outside. What you are noticing is a high pressure condition as a result of the higher than ambient temperatures in the attic and air being forced into the home via infiltration. Extra ventilation, more importantly soffit and ridge line ventilation, would assist with the normalization of attic temperatures in the summer. You ceiling will still be uncomfortably warm in the summer and now cold in the winter. You need attic insulation and more importantly attic air sealing. If you attic insulation layer is intact and sufficient, you will not feel the radiant heat from the attic/ceiling.
Todd Miller
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I would agree that you need to increase ventilation. I would strongly encourage you to get the original roof installer involved in doing this work.
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