unobstructed ends to metal roofs??

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we just had trusses installed over a basement house. the company put a rolled foil faced insulation down over the trusses and metal over that. there is a ridge vent w/ the foam/mesh type material under it. my question is at the other end of the panels....where the gutters will go. each little ridge profile of the roof leaves about a 1-2" gap for "critters" to get into. i'm assuming these gaps (the ridges in the metal panels) are how the roof is vented, but should there be a foam/mesh type material in them too? marco industries made the ridge vent material, but there website didn't show any products for the fascia end. any input will be appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am not sure exactly how their vent is made but many do require some sort of mesh or foam closure.
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