John Himer
We recently purchased a home on a 300 ft. deep lot that also has a tin roof shed in the very back, and a 20X30 "cottage" about mid-way back on the lot that was used for a "pool house". We filled in the pool, added a 20 X32 roof with 10' hight clearance for our Van to the rear of the cottage, and replaced a 10 X 32 front porch roof with a 2:12 pitch. The roofer, after completely tearing the old front porch roof off and replacing it with new rafters and 4X8 decking then told us the slope on the porch roof was insufficient for a v-crimp tin roof, and instead put down what he called a "Torch down" rubber roof on the porch. The cottage itself is roofed with architec shingles, but the rear roof and the porch are "Torch Down" rubber. Problem: The "Torch Down" rubber roof on the front porch just doesn't look good. It is low enough that you can see the Torch Down rubber if you stand off from it. We wanted a Tin Roof to make it look old timey. Question: Could I put sheets of v-crimp metal over the rubber "Torch Down" roof to achieve the desired appearance, and put metal screws through the v-crimp metal sheets, the rubber roof material, and into the wood decking without causing a leak or damaging the new rubber roof? The roof is fine, it's just that the rubber doesn't look good. We even painted it with "Cool Seal" hoping the silver color would make it look right but it looks even worse now. The roof is only about 4 or 5 months old. Thanks for your help, John P.S. Don't know how to send a picture here.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This will compromise the rubber roof. However, if the roof has adequate pitch for the metal roof you are installing, that should not cause a major problem.
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