Ridge vent in High Snow areas

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So if I understand correctly a ridge vent allows air to come up and out from the lower edge of itself. What if there is deep snow and the entire ridge remains under snow? Doesn't that block the ventilation? Are there specific designs or layouts used in areas with deep snowfall (or just cold climates where the snow doesn't melt for months and months)?
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Also, one roofer recommended double 2x4s under the deck for 3" of air space. Thought more is better than just the 1.5 of a single 2x4. Said the wood is cheep so more air is better. True or false?
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He is speaking of an over deck venting for the roof. That is good for very cold climates and will eliminate ice damning as long as the roof below has a proper thermal isolation layer.
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Thanks. I am looking to have an R38 (most likely two layer of 3" poly foam boards). So if I go with another company you would recommend doing the 3 inch air gap over the foam? One company said one inch was fine and they are one of the more reputable. That seemed thin to me. Most of the others were shooting for 1.5 inches of vent space.
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