Who can identify the manufacturer of this roof?

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Hi all, Does anyone know who the manufacturer of the roof in the picture is? Here is what I know: The roof shown is not a Butler MR-24. The (4) longitudinal flutes in the flat of the panel are unique. MBCI Ultra-Dek (which all NCI manufacturers use) only has (2) flutes. VP SSR has none. Nucor CFR has similar flutes, but only (3). Ceco's roof doesn't look anything like this one at all. And, Star's Starshield either has no flutes or optional cross-flutes like MR-24. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Frank
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
ECI had a trapezoidal SSR with four minor ribs, they called VersaLok. They sold the tooling to Bigbee Steel back in the 90s. Don't know if anyone still has the tooling.
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