Multi-Pitch Roof and Standing Seam Roofs

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I am building a plantation style home with a "broken hip" design. It is rectangular (72' x 56'), and it has a low pitch of 4/12 and an upper pitch of 7/12 on all 4 sides. I have not seen any transitions in the standing seam roof except for the Petersen Snap-Clad diagrams where a "Z" flashing was used (over the 4/12 and under the 7/12 transition). This creates a "shelf-line" that I feel is very unappealing, enough so to make me want to change roofing materials. Does anyone know of a way to bridge this transition that would make the change more seamless (no pun intended) and still water-tight? PS. We want to use a painted metal with a copper color...
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The typical detail for this type of pitch transition does indeed call for a pitch change flashing that is visible. However, certain profiles of standing seam can have their seams notched so they can be bent up the pitch change. This would be best accomplished by an experienced installer. i suggest using the MRA website to locate a few manufacturers of the product you like and then contacting those manufacturers and inquiring as to their pitch change detail.
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