100 yr old standing seem metal roof

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I am considering buying an old house with red tin roof. Built in gutters have pieces of rust in them, sized about silver dollar size. Many chimmey flashing leaks and possibly others, Will have roofing contractor evaluate. Question: Since roof installed 1890 what is the chance it is at end of natural life even though currently painted? Nothiong last forever right? Thanks
David Trefzger
The oldest metal roof in the US was installed in the 1700's. Your contractor should be inspecting for rust through (perforation). If the roof itself is not leaking, and there is no evidence of rust through, it should last for many more years. Chimney flashings can usually be easily repaired. Gutters are prone to rust because they do not drain well. Note that surface rusting is not necessarily indicative of imminent failure!
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