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I am currently building a 30 x 30 cottage with a 12/12 pitch roof. I have done 4 reroofing jobs in the past, and they are typically the 7/16" OSB / tar paper/ asphalt shingles type. I used aluminum fascia and drip edge molding. I was wondering what type of sheathing should be applied to the rafters, and alsowhat type of fascia is used. I know that these may vary by manufacturer, but I was just looking to get an idea. Also, where the metal roofing is used where the panels have the horizontal ridges, what do you use at the bottom of the panels on the underside to block the openings that these ridges leave? It seems that wasps or other critters would like to travel up the undersides of these ridges. Thank you.
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You didn't mention where your building is located which can have a factor. As well it then depends on whether you have a vented attic, or a vaulted ceiling. The new IBC/IRC Building codes now follows the Canadian one very closely and you are now required to vent the attic or the vaulted space. It also calls for a minimum 30lb felt moisture barrier directly under the roof covering. I would suggest that the OSB is OK to support the felt however depending on the construction and wind requirements, etc, you may want to be strapping the roof horizontally to ensure proper attachement. Check with the manufacturer. If you have a vaulted ceiling, you will need to strap the roof regardless to get the minimum 1" air space. I believe in ventilation and I would use a profiled vented closure at the eaves, which will stop insects etc but let the air migrate up and keep the roof cooler. At the ridge, you can use the same material which will provide enough ventilation for the attic as well. Hope this helps.
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