Metal roof on only one side of the roof

Elaine Bushman
I asked this question before I registered, but wanted to have my email on so maybe someone will answer via email. Can one have a metal roof installed only on one side of a roof. I have ice dams on the south side, as it is not sloped enough, and the north side has no problem. Can snow and rain be stopped from blowing under the ridge row at the top, and going under the metal roof. I'm at my wits end with this problem. There is no fix Inside! Please help. Thanks Elaine
Eric Novotny
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Yes, you can go half and half. What is the insulation and air sealing of your attic like? Is the snow melt and ice damning just as a result of the Southern exposure? The ridge cap should be able to keep out most wind driven rain.
Guest User
Yes we recently had half metal and half shingles installed on a cape cod home. We used traditional asphalt shingles in the front and vertical seamed panels in the back because of frequent ice dams on the shed dormer. I suggest that you have them use metal for the ridge. It is best for the metal side and looks nice from both the front and back. Our contractor also used the metal roof drip edge around the entire house. If you would like to see some pictures email me at mike08054 @
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