Metal roof and sound proofing

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I'm looking at getting a metal roof installed but am concerned about rain noise. I was told of a product called donna conna for noise reduction. Can you tell me if this will indeed reduce the noise, I would also like to know of any sites for further information on the product. I would also like to know how much a sheet (whatever a sheet size is?) of this product weighs. Thank you for the information and I look forward to your response.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As an association we do recommend brand names. As a member manufacturer, I have never heard of the product you referred to. If you are putting a metal roof on your home and it has a reasonable insulation factor in the attic, you should not notice any appreciable differance in noise. As well there are certain metal roofing panels that have deep profiles in such as shake facimilies that cut the noise, and there are granular coated metal roof systems that have sound levels the same as a shingle.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
An internet search for "donna conna board" revealed a few references to this product. It appears to be a low weight and low cost insulation board of some sort which is used largely for craft and hobby projects. Before ever installing any sort of insulation material beneath any roofing material, make sure that you have the authorization of both the roofing manufacturer and the insulation manufacturer. I agree with Al in that noise is rarely a problem with metal roofing. I have actually had homeowners contact me who were disappointed because they could not hear it. Just the same, though, there can be issues particular to a home's construction or design which might be contributing factors in transfering rain noise. Please bring any particular concerns to the manufacturer of your metal roof before the installation is started so that they can discuss your situation in detail and, if appropriate, present you with some possible ideas.
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