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We live in Iowa and I was wondering if it is wise in this area with the extreme temperature changes to put a metal roof over a shingled roof. Is there moisture concern on the underside of the metal? This is a 2 story house with a 12-1 pitch and we have experienced huge ice dam's at the roof edge each winter and are looking for a way to remedy this problem. Any advice will be appreciated.
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Putting a metal roof over existing shingles is certainly an acceptable practice if you use and acceptable slip layer where required. Iowa is heating degree dominated so you will not have any real negative drawbacks as a result of the thermal mass of the shingles staying in place, however, I never want to rely upon shingles for insulation. Ice damns are most often the result of warm air radiating through the structure and melting snow loads on the roof. I would look into air sealing and insulating your attic. That will help reduce or altogether eliminate your ice damning issues. If you do not have an attic, you can remove your existing shingle (preferred in both applications) and install a rigid foam insulation on the the roof deck to add an insulation to the structure. This will help with the energy efficiency and eliminate the ice damning issue as well.
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