Best snow guards for old-style standing seam

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Hello, We live in central Ohio and have a one year old, older style metal standing seam roof ... constructed of 2 foot wide sheets of galvanized metal and hand-bent on site to lock together. It's a beautiful roof that makes us feel very secure. One problem that we have, however, is the snow and ice accumulation in the winter. With last winter being more harsh than usual, we had a situation occur on one of our roof pitches (approx. 4/12), that allowed a large amount of ice and snown to accumulate (approx. 6"). You can imagine what happened. The 5" gutters that we have were holding A LOT of load. Finally when the sheet let go, whoosh!, there it went and along with it mangled part of one of our gutters! My question is this: What are the best type of snow guards for my type of metal roof? I've seen so many styles from the type that are clear plastic tabs which glue on between the seams, to the type that look like little paddles that set-screw onto the seams, to the type that are long bars that set-screw in a long line across all the seams. I would have to say that my gut feel is that long bars seem like the best, but are probably the most expensive as well (it always works that way!). I gotta do something this year! After witnessing that sheet of ice let go, my wife and I worried someone is going to get hurt or that our dog is going to get flattened like a pancake sometime when we let him out! Many thanks in advance, Jason
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First when you have gutters replaced make sure that they are below the line of the roof so that the snow will pass over. As to the snow guards, I can't suggest strogly enough to contact the manufacturer of your roof system and get their recommendations. Appreciate that metal gage, roof slope, climate and rafter length all effect the requirements. As well certain roof systems with conceled fasteners stand up off the deck slightly allowing for the sheets to float with expansion and contraction where a through fastened retarder may not work. Then you are into what you want for aesthetics. Older homes like to use the brackets and bar system as it fits the style however you could end up with a bird roost in certain areas. They all work but truly the type, spacing and quantiy need to be calculated. Contact thr manufacturer and I'm sure they sell an appropriate system and can help you out.
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